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October 2016

As we enter Q4 of 2016 it has been a busy year so far for our consulting team. Not so many businesses for sale, but several projects working with companies looking to transition their businesses.

Project A: Working with a specialist chemical manufacturer who was looking to take their product range into new markets.

We were able to identify three target customers for the company and our consultant worked with them over a 6 month period profile the target customers and identify their needs in terms of product range, specifications and packaging, payment and delivery requirements. Two of the three target customers have placed orders and 2017 sales projections will see sales grow profitably by €3.2M.

Project B: Working with a European specialist toner and inkjet cartridge collector.

They were discarding 30% of collected cartridges because of a lack of demand in Europe. Our consultants were able to profile the range of empty cartridges they collected and identified several smaller niche markets for those unwanted empties and broker introductions with local companies resulting in half of the low demand cartridges now being told in new markets and increasing sales and profitability.

Project C: Working with a specialist software provider that was looking for a resell partner in Europe.

Our consultants identified and profiled several prospective resellers and brokered introductions to the software provider. Negotiations are almost complete, ready for 2017.